Ales Maze

Graphic & web designer and guide to your digital journey

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You won’t get lost with me

A good guide has read a lot, knows how to combine theory with practice, knows which path to take so as not to get lost, and most importantly, knows how to take care of his clients individually. It doesn't matter if he guides in castles or in the digital world, the most important thing is that you don’t go astray with him. Which routes do I know my way around the world of ones and zeros?

  • Graphic works
  • Brand identity
  • Website designs
  • Web project management
  • Setting up e-shops
  • Consistency of web presentation
  • Email marketing and SEO strategy
  • Consultation of all of the above
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What else am I doing?

With a bunch of capable people we create websites that won’t get lost even in the darkest digital depths.

I want a tailor-made website

When it gets dark, we create indie games with a slice of the night. We haven’t released any yet, but our moment will definitely come.

I don’t want to miss this!

On a regular weekend in June, we have been intoxicating Trebic and its surroundings with the pinkest gastronomic experiences.

Ticket, please

Together with toyosaurus Ruda, we prove that quality toys are not prehistoric. We lead children playfully to development.

I’m gonna play more


Are you more comfortable calling than writing? Then call! And if you’re stressed about the phone, feel free to text. I’ll answer both, I promise.

Aleš Mejzlík
Pocoucov 63
674 01 Třebíč

IN: 01853601

Listed in the Trade Register of the Třebíč City Office.

Do you want to accompany?

You know exactly where you're going, you’re just missing the last piece of the map? Or are you at the beginning of a big journey and don’t know which way to go? I’d love to go on this digital adventure with you! Let me know your starting point and together we’ll figure out where our next steps will lead.


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